About F&W

We are Fame & Wisdom, a Social Movement of Celebrities, Philanthropists and Scientists Collaborating with Young Social Entrepreneurs who are working to Clean the Oceans and Rivers of the World.

Our approach is filled with Hope and the Belief  that if we  Reach Out, Inspire and Inform People and Empower them to become Involved  – Together we will  Move Mountains.

Celebrities have a following that helps us to reach people. By Drawing attention to the Foundations and Movements  that  Celebrities  support, we raise Awareness.  ‘You can know and not care, but if you don’t know you can’t care’    Sylvia Earle Oceanographer

Young Social Entrepreneurs who are Tech Savvy, Passionate, Enthusiastic and Connected are ideal Agents of Change. This will be their world.

We are Collaborating with Existing Global Organisations who already work with Young Social Entrepreneurs to Reach, Unite and support the Entrepreneurs in specific ventures that will have a Lasting Global Impact in providing sustainable access to Clean Water.

The Movement and the name Fame and Wisdom are Inspired by Live Aid, the great Music and Technical Collaboration of 1985. Artists who came together for humanity and created a lasting working legacy.

In astronomy pegasi85 is a multiple star system in the constellation of Pegasus the White Winged Horse. In Greek mythology the White winged Horse symbolizes  “Fame and Wisdom” – What could better describe Live Aid.

It felt as though  the number 85 had a special significance and that led us to Sir Roger Moore.……