One of the most famous names in the world and loved in many countries, Sir Roger is also an Ambassador for Monaco, a country with a long history of Ocean Conservation and Environmental Protection.

We started working on projects in Monaco in 2010 – at first producing Artwork for  Monaco Tourism to coincide with the Disney film ‘Oceans’.  It was then,  producing a piece that included the Oceanographic Museum that we learned about it’s history.

When we approached Sir Roger he was 85. Starting out at a painter himself, his work in theatre and film was originally to support his career as an artist.  We asked, that if we painted him as he was in 1985 and  produced a set of 85 limited edition prints, would he sign them and be photographed with the artist.  The prints  would be certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild, framed and become part of  the launch of the Clean Rivers and Oceans Movement.  The photographs with the Artist would be for  Media and Provenance. The prints would be  micro chipped for security and further authentication.

Sir Roger  agreed –  You can check out what happened here.

The most iconic spy of all time,  he was James Bond … for a record 12 years from 1973 – 1985

He was Knighted on 14th June 2003  for his charitable work with Unicef,   the Man with a Golden Heart

Already holding the Queens Honour for entertainment and numerous other International Recognitions, he says  the award for his work with Unicef is the one that he values most. A friend of  Audrey Hepburn,  it was her work with UNICEF that impressed him so much that he became a Goodwill Ambassador himself.

In November 2012, Sir Roger was presented with the first-ever UNICEF UK Lifetime Achievement Award at a private pledge dinner. The first award of its kind,  it will be named ‘The Roger Moore Lifetime Achievement Award’ from now on -‘In celebration of Sir Roger’s tireless work for UNICEF, both as a generous fundraiser and a global advocate for children’s rights.´

Sir Roger is  a man who knows the value of friendship and builds relationships that last a lifetime.

Reputedly the  first  actor in the world to be paid £1 million for a TV series 1972 -1973 ‘The Persuaders’ which he unofficially co -produced.  The entire 24 episodes were made with the only  contract, a handshake with Lew Grade.

People talk about the happy memories they have of him,  unwinding after work, escaping into a glamorous world as they watched his TV series or his movies.  He says himself that ‘Glamour makes the world go round’

Bono: I had a great one where I was in Monte Carlo sitting in a pizza joint, and some very broad-shouldered men in suits with strong American accents came up and explained that Mr. Jay-Z and the lovely Beyoncé were in the grill room, if I wanted to drop by. I may have even recommended the grill room to them. I said it was a kind invitation, but I’m really not dressed for that kind of thing, it’s a very posh place. He came back 15 minutes later and said, “Mr. Jay-Z has organized it so that would not be a problem.”I said, “I know the very strict dress code there,” because I’ve come up against it over the years, “And tell him thank you very much for that, but …”The third time he came back and he said, “He has the manager waiting.” I then looked over and I saw Roger Moore, and he said, “Hello,” and I said, “How are you doing?” and he said, “Great, what are you doing?”

I said, “I’m off to see a friend of mine called Jay-Z at the grill room.”

He said, “Jay-Z?”

I said, “He’s a great rapper.”

His wife said, “What is a rapper?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain in a moment, but it’s kind of about words and rhythm,” I said. Then I asked them if they’d like to say hello, knowing that if I arrived with Roger Moore, there’s no way, even if it all went wrong, there’s no way they’re going to throw me out. He’s the sharp-dressed man of sharp-dressed men, and he’s with his beautiful wife. So we walk up, and sure enough, there’s the manager: “How are you doing?”

I walk up, we go up to the room, which I love, this beautiful room. The roof opens there, and it’s where Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra used to hang out. I know it very well, and sometimes I go there, but I’m here now in a vest and jeans, looking like Jay-Z’s mechanic, and I walk in, and there’s a whole bunch, there’s Beyoncé, Lyor Cohen, and I just hear, “It’s motherfuckin’ James Bond! It’s James Bond, I’m hanging out with James Bond!” I just think, “What?” Then it just all starts to make sense to me. Hip-hop is so James Bond — the cars, the planes, the suits, the dresses, the guns, and I had no idea. It was like bringing Picasso to a bunch of painters.

Actually,  being with Roger Moore is a pure pleasure.  He is an absolute pro and as immaculate as Bono describes.  Charming and Funny and generally a joy to be with,  we all love him.