Each one of us will leave behind a legacy …

Beyond material wealth we leave the impression we made on the world, the people we have loved and lived with, the lives we have touched and the way we’ve treated the earth.

As an individual we each matter, together our impact is massive.

Collectively our actions influence how future generations live.

The philanthropists we are celebrating demonstrate the enormous power of collaborations, they are Inspirational leaders, with remarkable legacies. They also have  vast experience and an understanding of the importance of clean water.

They know that Celebrity is Currency and they spend it wisely. Each is deeply committed to the movements they support and the foundations they create. They know that they have a special opportunity to influence what they care about.

Live Aid was the best example of collaborations in living memory, the catalyst for a new movement. The men who were involved some of whom feature on these pages have continued to work together to impact the world dramatically. They have saved the lives of millions and relieved the suffering of millions more.

Bob Geldof is an advisor to Bono’s Foundation, One and together with Quincy Jones the three have continued for 25 years to persuade, convince and sometimes shame the most powerful Political and Religious leaders in the world, changing the lives of following generations.

Matt Damon joined forces with Gary White, merging 2 organisations to achieve success with Water.org He is also a supporter of One.

The Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation also supports the work of Ted Danson’s Oceana.…

What they do will leave the World a Better Place than it would have been without them. That’s an incredible legacy.

Humans have messed up the earth and we need to start fixing it now. Negative people believe that the challenges we face are insurmountable and it’s already too late.

Optimists like the people on these pages, and those who work behind the scenes, believe it can be reversed and are impatient to see change. They are determined and committed to take action.

This is intended to be an inspirational place full of hope, that shows what can be done, what is already being done and the amazing good that can follow.

Socrates said Celebrity is the reward for heroic deeds. These are our Heroes.

Distance cannot decide who is our neighbour, we all share the earth and it’s finite resources. We all share it’s water and together we need to change the way we take care of it and share it. That will be our legacy.