Clean Rivers & Oceans

Chemicals are polluting our Rivers and Oceans with devastating results on Human Health, Marine life and Food Sources.

‘Without the oceans, life on earth cannot exist, including us’. Dr Sylvia Earle.

The project to Clean the Oceans and Rivers of the World is a project for Life ….. For all life.

There is one Ocean and we all share it. We may call it different  names in different parts of the World  but it’s all One Ocean.  What happens to the Ocean affects us all and the way that water moves around the world means that what happens to the Ocean in New Delhi will affect us in London.  In other words we  all impact each other.

Humans have polluted the earth and we need to start fixing it now. Negative people believe that the problems we face are insurmountable and it’s already too late.

Optimists like the people on these pages, believe it can be reversed and are impatient to see change. They have been determined to take action to make that happen.

We are working with Plastic Oceans on  a film …  that will be  part of the Awareness Campaign  designed to Trigger a Movement.

We are Reaching out and Engaging with Students and Young Social Entrepreneurs who will become part of an International Campaign to Start the Biggest Clean up the World has ever seen, collaborating with established International Organisations and Foundations with years of experience on the ground and with existing infrastructures.

The intention is to join forces to enhance the work of organisations already working on successful Water Related Initiatives by co-operating with them fully to  make the most impact in the shortest time possible.

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