Plastic Oceans

We are working with the Plastic Oceans Foundation dedicated to raising awareness about the problems facing the world due to Plastic pollution.

A team of the world’s top scientists and leading filmmakers producing a powerful  Feature Film in high definition  that will play a key role in raising awareness about the problem.

Leading media personalities will bring the stories to life with Stunning Images of marine life filmed  in 20 location including some of the most remote places on the planet.

There will be a Human Health Warning that cannot be ignored….

“We set off in search of the North Pacific Garbage Patch originally intending to film a BBC documentary, but when we arrived we found something vastly different to what we expected and far more disturbing, we just had to go further.” Jo Ruxton

Beyond the film …..

We will Promote Positive Solutions and Empower people to be a part of those solutions.

Together we will help to support the biggest clean up  the world will ever witness.

Using Social media we will reach out and engage people who want to make a difference and Create effective, Entertaining,Educational tools.

The  Adventurer, broadcaster Ben Fogle is a Patron and The foundation has the support  of David Attenborough in the UK,  and of Sylvia Earle in the USA.  It has also been endorsed by UNESCO

The multi award winning team is headed by  Jo Ruxton who was involved in epic programmes in the past including groundbreaking productions such as Blue Planet, Saving Planet Earth, Pacific, Abyss and Life. She brings years of experience working within the BBC Natural History Unit on wildlife documentaries.

‘The most important film of our time’

The  plan now  is to produce a feature film which David Attenborough says ‘May well be the most important film of our time’.

The film producer Adam Leipzig former senior Vice President of motion picture production at Disney will be joining the team for the final stages of production and the distribution. Responsible for scores of successful films including – Dead Poets Society -Titus – Good Morning Vietnam – Honey I shrunk the Kids. He was also President of National Geographic films where he supervised acquisition and distribution of numerous films including the documentary box office success The March of The Penguins.