Elin Hörnfeldt the fabulous photographer that did the shoot with us in Monaco.


The Vogue Front Page Photographer Elin Hornfeldt flew to Monaco to Record the Signing of the Prints at the photo shoot.  She has worked with  another Superman, Henry Cavill and that’s how we know her, so she seemed the right choice.

She didn’t know the details about Fame and Wisdom before the day of the shoot and we didn’t know before then how much she loved Roger Moore.

Incredibly, she told us that when she was taking singing lessons in New York she used to practice  singing ‘For Your Eyes Only’ as she watched the opening of the film.  Of all the photographers in all the world .. .

Elin is Swedish, living in Paris, like the rest of the team she wants people to hear good news and be inspired and hopeful.

She cares deeply about the planet and the people living on it.

A photograph of Elin in the helicopter accompanies the signed print.